The Dean of FMIPA Udayana University accepts the 2023 Budget Ceiling at the UNUD Musrenbang

Wednesday 16/3/2022, Dean of FMIPA Dra. Ni Luh Watiniasih, M.Sc, Ph.D. along with all faculty leaders, Head office levels, postgraduates, sub-units within UNUD received the TA 2023 budget ceiling in the Planning and Development Deliberation (Musrenbang) TA 2023 budget which took place in Hybrid from the Bangsa room, Unud Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building.

In this Musrenbang, the Head of BPKU Drs I Komang Teken said that the Musrenbang is a routine activity that is carried out every fiscal year which is filled with explanations of the Rector's policy directions and the distribution of the 2023 budget.


Unud Chancellor Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara in his direction conveyed what were the strategic objectives and strategic objectives, RPAJP Unud 2020-2040, Main Indicators (IKU), Performance Achievements in 2021, Achievements in Unud Performance Agreements in 2021, and IKU League Achievements in 2021 as well as future work programs.


The Musrenbang which ends with the distribution of the 2023 FY budget ceiling which is submitted directly by the Chancellor of the Faculty and Postgraduate and the Head Office will later be continued with the Musrenbang at the Faculty/Postgraduate level as well as the Head Office work unit, where it is hoped that the Unud RAKL proposal to the Ministry can be sent in early May 2022 .