Fapet Unud Receives Visit from Lampung State Polytechnic

The Faculty of Animal Husbandry at Udayana University received a visit from the Livestock Production Technology Study Program, the Lampung State Polytechnic Animal Husbandry Department, Tuesday, December 6 2022 at 13.00 WITA. Received directly by Deputy Dean II for General Affairs and Finance, Dr. Ir. Budi Rahayu Tanama Putri, S.Pt., M.M., IPU., ASEAN Eng. Also present were the Head of Farm Hill, the Manager of Closed House (CH), the Sub-Coordinator of Education and Cooperation, and the Sub-Coordinator of General Affairs and Finance within the Faculty of Animal Husbandry of Udayana University.

The purpose of field trips/field trips is to add insight and knowledge to students, especially fifth-semester students. The Deputy Dean II of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry of Udayana introduced 4 lecturers, 3 PLPs, and 52 students of the Lampung State Polytechnic about the existence of the Teaching Farm Closed House (CH) owned by Fapet Unud. Then explained about its function as a means of technology transfer in broiler maintenance, CH as a research site, and CH as a faculty income generator. They also introduced the livestock pen owned by the Faculty of Animal Husbandry of Udayana University which is located at Farm Bukit Jimbaran.