Coordination Meeting for Undergraduate Curriculum Re-Orientation Workshop and Visiting Lecturer Seminar for UNTL Fapet Unud

Tuesday, July 5, 2022. The Faculty of Animal Science, University of Udayana conducts coordination meetings that take place online through the Webex Meeting application. The meeting discussed the implementation of the Undergraduate Curriculum Re-Orientation Workshop which is planned to be held on Tuesday, 12 July 2022 and the UNTL Visiting Lecturer Seminar on Wednesday, 13 July 2022. This coordination meeting began with the opening of a general plan of two activities by the Deputy Dean I for Academic Affairs and Planning, Dr. Ir. Dewi Ayu Warmadewi, S.Pt., M.Si., IPM., which was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Science, Udayana University, Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Tirta Ariana, M.S., IPU., Deputy Deans, Executive Committee for Undergraduate Curriculum Workshop, and Monthly Seminar Committee.


After the opening ceremony, the coordination meeting was continued with direction from the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Science, Udayana University. He stated that “This activity is one of a series of activities aimed at supporting the success and improvement of the sustainability of MBKM activities and the PBM assessment process at the Faculty of Animal Science, Udayana University. Therefore, this activity is expected to get a good response by all relevant stakeholders. The next activity was the division of tasks by the Chair of the Workshop Committee on Re-Orientation of the Undergraduate Curriculum Workshop, Dr. I Putu Ari Astawa, S.Pt., M.P., and the Head of the Monthly Seminar Committee, Dr. Ir. A. A. A. Sri Trisnadewi, M.P., to all members of the committee on duty. The Curriculum Re-Orientation Workshop activity is planned to invite resource persons who are competent in their fields, namely LP3M and Co-Prodi S1 Faculty of Animal Science UGM, to support the implementation of MBKM activities at the Faculty of Animal Science, Udayana University, while the Guest Lecturer Seminar will be given directly by the UNTL Chancellor. The meeting activity was then continued with discussion and closing.