ASEANTALK Series #3 Webinar Event Closed with Inter-Institutional Cooperation Agreement

Denpasar, 22/06/2022. Regarding the ASEANTALK Series #3 Webinar activity, the presentation of material regarding statistical data on tourist visits in Indonesia, the government continues to make recovery efforts such as the Five Board Strategy Post COVID-19 Recovery Plan as ASEAN's response to the impact of the pandemic in the tourism sector, the Multi Layered Security program from the Office of the Republic of Indonesia. Immigration in the development of safe tourism, programs to improve the creative economy in the fashion and culinary fields by the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, as well as monitoring the challenges that arise in the community due to the VISA-free policy. Regarding the latter, the academic resource of Udayana University AAB Surya Widya Nugraha, S.IP., M.Sc. provide a new perspective on ASEAN with its strategic advantages related to the impact of environmental damage that must be considered if you want to build sustainable tourism. Broadly speaking, webinars that present speakers from various fields provide new and interesting perspectives at the regional and international levels on the pandemic that has an impact on the economic sector, tourism, and how ASEAN countries can accelerate the recovery of tourism by establishing cooperation.

At the end of the activity, the partnership relationship between the Udayana University FISIP campus and DJIKP Kominfo was strengthened by the signing of a cooperation agreement by Dr. Drs. I Nengah Punia, M.Si. and Drs. Bambang Gunawan M.Sc., as the authorized official from each institution.


Contributors: I Putu Bagus Brahmastra, Komang Bayu Ananta Putra