Prevalence of Delayed Development in Children Aged 4-6 in Sabana Sari Kindergarten, West Denpasar



By : Ayu Putri Verbriany Luh Gede

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


The incidence of general children delayed development is 10 % worldwide. Whereas, the estimated incident of global children delayed development is 1%- 3% on children aged <5 years old.1 Therefore, early screening on children development is important to detect early delayed development. One example of screening technique that used worldwide is Denver II. Denver II is used to detect delayed development on children aged 0-6 years old, and not an IQ test or standard diagnosis for intelligence, motoric function, social function, and language skill.2-3 This research is a descriptive analytic cross-sectional research. And found that from 89 subject in Sabana Sari Kindergarten, there are 32 (36%) children that have Normal result of Denver II, 55 (61,8%) children that have Suspect result, and 2 (2,2%) children that have Untestable result. Based on questionnaire that given to 89 research subject and then analyzed by Chi-square found that education of mother (p= 0,025) give a significant result on Denver II result.

Keyword : delayed development, screening technique, Denver II, influencing factors

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