By : I Gde Komang Jaryanta Arya Mantara

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

Short circuit current which is happened in elektrical power system can caused disconnetion in distributing electrical power to costumers. The electrical interfernces caused by internal and external interruptions. One of the efforts to overcome the interruptions is to do an analysis in short circuit an ealy stage with the result that we could find a pricise protection system on our electrical power system. There are several interference occur in Kedonganan feeders which indicates short circuit current and coordination error of the protection system. Those interferences led to a demage trip in recloser activity and relay feeders. In the eassay, the short circuit simulation conducted in several site points of alternate interferences which are selected based on the interruption that are occured in the feeders and from the GI base point thought end point in Kedonganan feeders. The flow percentage of short circuit interferences are used to set a time setting of over current relay in to make the protection equipment run according to safety requirements. Based on the analysis result, it shows that the current interruptions are interfluence by the distant of interruption, more distant the point then the smaller short circuit current would happened, and vice versa. The increasing of the short circuit current can caused a grading time in relay in each alternate location with average grading time about 0,4 second. Rearrangement of protection system in short circuit is recommended especially in Kedonganan feeder based on outcome which can improve the sensitivity and selectivity so that we can get better protection system.

Keyword : short circuit current, protection system, over current relay

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