Novel Sing Jodoh: Analisis Psikologi Sastra




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Faculties : Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Department : S1 Sastra Bali

This research discuss about novel entittled Sing Jodoh with literature psychology analysis. This analysis has a purpose to know the structure and dims the distinct illustration about psychology aspect whis is entered in the novel. This research used structural teory and psychoanalysis teory. Structural teory used some opinion from literature specialist such as : Ratna, Endraswara, and Teeuw. Psychoanalysis teory used opinion from Sigmun Freud. The method and the technique that used in this research decide into 3 steps, there are 1) provide the data that using reading method that assist with translate technique and note technique. 2) data analysis step which is using qualitative method that assist with analytic descriptive technique. 3) analysis result presentation steps which is used informal method that assist with deductive-inductive technique. The result which is got from this research is, to expressed the narrative structure that consist of theme, character, characteristic background, plot, incident, and instruction. Psichologys aspect in Sing Jodoh novel integrated id, ego, and superego. Id in this novel is seen the main character in this novel when performing mental acts for pleasure and self satisfaction. Ego in the novel complementary psyche of the main character. When committing conscious, pre-conscious and unconscious mental main character looks when doing and act that is hased on responsibility and a sense of genuine affection.

Keyword : novel, structure, psychology

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