The Overview of Young Women in Online Shopping Decision Making Behavior



By : Winda Febri Mustika

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran

Department : PS. PSIKOLOGI

Advances in technology have a great impact on society these days. Only with internet access, via the web or mobile phone media individuals can already make purchases anywhere. This makes market participants chose the internet as a medium well. According Forolus (2012) the number of online shoppers in Indonesia may reach 73% per day, with each customer 65% of women and 35% men. This proves that online shopping is getting more attention by the community, especially women. Associated with young women, online shopping behavior be interesting for trade through online media is not only a store but venturing online social networking. Considering that most of the young women are active users of social networks, make the young women are accustomed to online shopping behavior. It is not in spite of their fraud case rife guise online store. Not a few young women who have experienced a case of fraud on online shopping. However, online shopping behavior in young women has not decreased even increasing. Therefore, researchers are interested to see the picture of the decision-making in online shopping behavior in adolescent girls. This study uses the type of qualitative research using the phenomenological approach. The study involved five young women who had bad experiences with online spending. Data mining is done by interview with a previous preliminary study. The results of the study explained that the decision to buy a picture of young women through several stages. Stages in the form of recognition of the problem of the need, the search for information related to the store and the items to be purchased, evaluate the various alternatives and choice in the purchase, the final decision to purchase and post-purchase behavior. Other findings obtained in other research states that the factors behind girls in choosing the online media as media spending is their pleasure.

Keyword : Young women, decision making, consumer behavior, online shopping

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