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   1.   Scientific Oration : Moh. Mahfud MD at 48th Anniversary Udayana University
   2.   Additional Acceptance of Udayana University Non Regular Program
   3.   Bidik Misi Scholarship 2010 Udayana University
   4.   New Student Selection of Sociology Department

   5.  “Leadership Award” from The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
   7.  Announcement of Student Affair Department
   8.  Announcement of Employee Affair Department
   9.  New Student Selection of Diploma and Non Reguler Program 2010
   10.  Selection of New Students PMDK 3rd Period Year 2010
   11.  New Student Selection of Diploma Program 2010
   12.  Announcement of New Student Selection from PMDK III dan Non Reguler/Ekstensi II
   13.   New Student Selection 2010 through PMDK Program
   14.  New Student Selection From S3 Peternakan Department (Doctoral Program) 2010
   15.  New Student Selection of SNMPTN 2010
   16.  On line system for registration of Graduation Ceremony is available
   17.   Announcement Selection Result of GAT Test and Call For TPA and English Test PT PLN (Persero) 2010
   18.  Selection Result of Business Plan PMW Unud 2010
   19.  Enterpreneur Student Program 2010
   20.  Entrepreneur Student Program Udayana University (PMW) 2011
   21.  Vacancy CPNS (Civil Servants) for Udayana University 2010
   22.  X – World Education Congress
   23.  Dies Natalis Udayana University Photograpy Contest
   24.  Monitoring and Evaluation Research Program 2010
   25.  Research Seminar on International Cooperation
   26.  Seminar on National Strategic Research Phase II 2010
   27.   Streaming Real Count Candidate Rektor Udayana University 2013-2017
   28.  Registration For New Student 2012 SKS Program
   29.  Udayana University Online Student Application Period January 2011
   30.  New Student Application For Post Graduate
   31.  Result of New Student Selection for Doctoral Program (S3) 2010
   32.  Job Fair Udayana University2011
   33.  Result Selection Part I Student Entrepreneurial Program 2011
   34.  Summer Law Program
   35.   Environmental, Health and Safety Risks in Globalizing World International Seminar
   36.  Election Head of MIPA Faculty (Visi & Misi Candidate)
   37.  Doctor Program (S3) Consentration of Agricultural Technology
   38.  Registration for Bidik Misi New Student 2012
   39.  Australian Development Scholarship Program
   40.   Akademika 57 /2010 Edition
   41.  FKH Presented Workshop Writing Scientific Research Articles for International Submission
   42.  Additional Acceptance of Psychology Department
   43.  Announcement of Diploma and Ekstensi
   44.  Announcement of PMDK III 2009
   45.  Announcement of New Student Selection PMDK 2011 ( NEW )
   46.  Registrasi Mahasiswa Baru Peserta Bidik Misi 2012
   47.  Uang Kuliah Tunggal (UKT) Information ( Update )
   48.  Additional Acceptance 2nd Period of Udayana University Non Regular Program
   49.  New Student Selection of PMDK on MEI Period 2010
   50.  New Student Selection Of International Relationship and Sociology Department Udayana University 2009
   51.  New Student Selection of PMDK 2013
   52.  New Student Selection Result of Non-Reguler and Ber-SKS 2014
   53.  Announcement Of New Foreign Students Selection in 2012
   54.  Announcement of New Student Selection Result from SBMPTN 2013
   55.  New Student Selection Result of SNMPTN 2014
   56.  New Students Selection Result for SNMPTN Program – 2011
   57.  CPNS (Civil Servants) Selection Test Result 2010
   58.  Bidik Misi Scholarship 2010 Udayana University
   59.  Announcement of New Student Registrastion From Post Graduate Programme, PPDS and Profesi Programme 2014
   60.  Announcement of New Student Registration From SBMPTN 2014 Selection
   61.  Announcement of Diploma and Ekstensi I
   62.  Announcement of the TOEP and TKDA Test at PLT Universitas Udayana
   63.  Announcement of New Student Selection Result Diploma III (D3) 2013
   64.  Community Service Award For Archieve Lecturer in 2010
   66.  Student Centered Learning (SCL)
   67.  Rector’s Report on 48th Anniversary of Udayana University, 29 September 2010
   68.  New Student Selection of PMDK II, Non Reguler/Ekstensi I dan Diploma II 2013
   69.  Announcement of New Student Selection SNMPTN 2013
   70.  Udayana University Humanity and Science Building Tender
   71.  Annual Meeting of The National Seminar on Indonesian Horticulture 2010
   72.  Announcement Selection of PMDK on April Period 2010 (Hot News)
   73.  Announcement of selection result of new admissions Doctoral Program S3 Pariwisata
   74.  Announcement:General Tender For Information Technology Laboratory Building Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University
   75.  Announcement Selection of Hubungan Internasional Departement and Sosiologi Departement 2009
   76.  Announcement Selection of Diploma and Non Reguler/Ekstensi II UNUD 2009
   77.  Announcement of SNMPTN 2009 from Panlok Denpasar (63)
   78.  Wellington Scholarship
   79.  Scholarships For Pursuing University Education in India
   80.  Switzerland Goverment Scholarship
   81.  Announcement of Pshycology 2009
   82.  New Student Selection 2009
   83.  Unud Scholarship of SNMPTN 2009
   84.  Academic Administration Bureau of Udayana University get ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
   85.  List of BMU SNMPTN 2009
   86.  Announcements CPNS K2 Ministry of Education and Culture 2014
   87.  Announcement of PMDK II Selection 2009
   88.  CPNS Udayana University 2013 Result
   89.  Job Vacancy for Udayana University
   90.  Announcement of PMDK Selection 2009
   91.  A Half-Day Seminar With The topic of Building a Green Society
   92.  Academic Activities Chalendar of Udayana University
   93.  Admission Of National Selection Indonesian Public University (SNMPTN) 2011
   95.  Anti-Aging Medicine Postgraduate Program of Udayana University
   96.  Application Tracer Study for Alumni
   97.  Archeology Department of Unud held an Exhibition on Multimedia Archeology
   98.  Archive Center Udayana University Received The Third Place for The Competition Archival in 2013
   99.  ASEA-UNINET Schoolarship
   100.  Australia Endeavour Award 2011 Scholarship Program
   101.  Bright Ideas Workshop
   102.  Call for Paper International Seminar on Conservation And Improvement Of World Indigenous Cattle
   103.  Call for Paper: Conference on Engineering for Hotels – 2010
   104.  Call for Paper: International Joint Conference Computer Human Interaction & Ergofuture 2010
   105.  Call for Paper: The 1st International Conference on Sustainable Technology Development (ICSTD)
   106.  Call For Papers : Annual Conference on Development Policy 2013 National Development Planning (Bappenas)
   107.  Call for Papers for International Seminar on “Biotechnology for a Sustainable Future”
   108.  Competition Intellectual Extraordinary Property Award 2010
   109.  CPNS Selection Test Result
   110.  Dean of Faculty of Engineering Udayana University has been inaugurated
   111.  Dies Natalis 48 th -Udayana University Schedule
   112.  Diploma and Non Reguler Selection Result
   113.  Diploma Selection Result
   114.  Disdikpora Scholarship 2010
   116.  Elections for Best Researcher of Udayana University in 2010
   117.  Expert meeting on Utilization of ICT Research and Education Networks for HE in Asia and the Pacific
   118.  Food Security Seminar and Partnership with Texas A&M University
   119.  Fulbright Agriculture Scholarship USAID (AMINEF)
   120.  GDLN Asia Pacific Workshop in Bali June 23-25,2010
   121.  General Meeting GDLN Asia Pasific I
   122.  Good University Governance Seminar
   123.  I-MHERE Procurement Documents 2010
   124.  ICEIC (International Conference on Electronics, Information and Communication) 2013
   125.  ICR 2009 and 2nd International Symposium on Chaos Revolution in Science, Technology and Society- From Discovery of Chaos to ICT Impacts on Society
   126.  IELSP (Indonesian English Language Study Program) Scholarship
   127.  Inauguration of New Vice Rector
   129.  Indonesia-US initiative launches Biodiversity Research Center in Bali
   130.  Information & Communication Technology-EurAsia Conference 2014
   131.  Information Technology Creative Competition
   132.  Institute for Peace and Democracy Launching
   133.  Introduction of Living on New Student Campus(PKKMB) 2010
   134.  IReSES Symposium / JAXA Workshop – 2008
   135.  kursus bahasa inggris gratis untuk dosen
   136.  Launching of Animal for Balinese Ceremony Book
   137.  Marching Band UNUD Won Third Rank on National Competition
   138.  Media Unud April 2009 Edition
   139.  Media Unud April 2010 Edition
   140.  Media Unud April 2011 Edition
   141.  Media Unud April 2012 Edition
   142.  Media Unud August 2008 Edition
   143.  Media Unud August 2009 Edition
   144.  Media Unud August 2010 Edition
   145.  Media Unud August 2011 Edition
   146.  Media Unud December 2008 Edition
   147.  Media Unud December 2009 Edition
   148.  Media Unud December 2010 Edition
   149.  Media Unud December 2011 Edition
   150.  Media Unud February 2009 Edition

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