Prof. Dr. I Wayan Ardika, MA
Dean, Faculty of Letters

•Department of Indonesian Language and Literature •Department of Balinese Language and Literature •Department of Javanese Language and Literature•Department of Archeology •Department of History •Department of Anthropology •Department of Japanese Language and Literature •Diploma of English Language •Diploma of Japanese Language •Diploma of Tourism Studies •Diploma of Learning Indonesian for Speaker of Foreign Language.

Prof. dr. D.P. Widjana, DAP&E, Sp.Par.K.
Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences

•Department of Medical Science •Department of Nursing

I Ketut Rai Setiabudhi, SH.MH.
Dean, Faculty of Law

•Department of Law

Prof. Dr. I Wayan Redana, MSc, PhD.
Dean, Faculty of Engineering

•Department of Civil Engineering •Department of Architecture •Department of Mechanical Engineering •Department of Electrical Engineering •Diploma of Automotive •Diploma of Communication System •Diploma of Information System

Prof. Dr. Ir. I Made Sudana, MS.
Dean, Faculty of Agriculture

•Department of Agribusiness •Department of Agro-EcoTechnology

Prof. Dr. I Wayan Ramantha, Ak. MM.
Dean, Faculty of Economics

•Department of Economic •Department of Management •Department of Accounting •Diploma of Accounting •Diploma of Banking and Finance •Diploma of Marketing •Diploma of Taxation.

Prof. Dr. drh. I Made Damriyasa, MS.
Dean, Faculty of Animal Husbandry

•Department of Animal Husbandry Science

Drs. A. A. Raka Dalem, MSc (Hons)
Dean, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

•Department of Mathematics •Department of Chemistry •Department of Physics •Department of Pharmacy •Department of Biology •Department of Computer.

Prof. Dr. drh. I Made Damri Yasa, MS.
Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Science

•Department of Veterinary Science

Dr. Ir. G. P Ganda Putra, MP.
Dean, Faculty of Agricultural Technology

•Department of Food and Agricultural Production •Department of Agro-Industrial Technology •Department of Food and Agricultural Engineering.

Drs. I Putu Anom, M.Par
Dean, Faculty of Tourism

• Department of Tourism Studies

Prof. Dr. dr. I Made Bakta, Sp.PD (KHOM)

Dean, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

• Department of International Relations, Department of Sociological Science,  Department of Political Science, Department of Communication Science, Department of Public Administration

Previous Deans (2004-2009)

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