Welcome From President

As President of Udayana University, I extend a very warm welcome to you and invite you to explore our programs.
As one of Indonesia’s leading teaching and research universities, we offer both undergraduate degrees as well as a range of postgraduate degrees.
At Udayana University, we are committed to providing you with a mixture of excellence academic education, enjoyable education experience, social interaction and engagement with local and wider community. We have an ambitious vision towards a world class university through our distinctive ability to integrate education and research. The Udayana University continous to rise its national rangkings by listed within the top 15 universities in 2007, confirmed our position a step closer to our ambition.
During the current academic year there are over 18000 students attached to 12 undergraduate and 12 postgraduate degree programs.
Since we believe that the creation of multicultural learning environment is essential to achieving our goals, started from 2000 the university had welcomed international students. By 2007, there were total about 2320 international student that showing 10 different nationalities.
Udayana University acknowledge as having the top research performances in biotechnology, medical sciences, also rated highly in social science and tourism studies. The university regularly achieves Indonesian top awards for individual teachers.
As part of our responsibilities, Udayana University is fully engaged in communities and work closely with many professions, schools, government and industries. It is aimed to influences our societies at local, national, regional and international levels.
I encourage you to explore our website and see our commitment to deliver the highest educational standards in all we do.

Prof. Dr. dr. Ketut Suastika SpPD KEMD

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